About Beginning Experience of San Antonio

Hello, and welcome to our healing ministry. May you find hope and help in these pages.

The Beginning Experience is an international ministry, which helps divorced, separated, and widowed individuals resolve their grief surrounding the loss of a marriage partner.

The foundation of the program is the Beginning Experience Weekend conducted several times a year at a local retreat center from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  The program is based on the Roman Catholic Faith but welcomes participants from other denominations.

The San Antonio, Texas, Chapter of Beginning Experience offers several weekend retreats each year. Chapters in other cities may offer additional programs. For questions about our retreat browse the information on our website, and then give us a call.

BE AnchorBeginning Experience Emblem

The Cross symbolizes our identification as Christians with Christ’s death.

The Anchor symbolizes hope.

The Rising Sun symbolizes the beginning of a new day.


Beginning Experience Logo

Our logo depicts a human figure on a hill, moving through a crossroads in life, from the shadow of darkness toward a new horizon, and making this journey surrounded by the light of the cross.


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